We can do a lot.We can really do a lot for you

We provide professional service and repair of Apple devices.

Use our specialized service for iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook, and other Apple devices. We only use parts of the highest quality.

Iphone We fix all iPhone models. We replace any damaged items, ie broken contacts, batteries, buttons, speakers, microphones, charging connectors, etc. We are repairing iphone flooded or fallen. Not only hardware but also software - we solve "los" system problems. We also remove the simlock lock. On request we will archive and transfer data.
For all models available on the market ipad we provide a comprehensive service. Any damage: broken glass, loading problems, lack of sound or power buttons, home, volume - will be eliminated immediately. Immediately we will make necessary repairs after falling or flooding. In addition, we offer assistance in the case of software archiving and data transfer.
We will fix your problem with damaged graphics or disk, we will perform the necessary cleaning - maintenance. You want the new life of your imac - we will replace the drive for ultra efficient SSD, we will increase the RAM - we will do it for you!
Macbook & Pro
Macbook & Pro The macbook machelp will solve any problem related to graphics, damaged matrix or control board, spilled coffee on the keyboard, etc., replace worn components, batteries or disks. We will repair the broken operating system and upgrade and maintain the hardware. In any case you can count on us.
Mac Pro
The pro's need professional treatment and that's what you get with us. Modernization - expansion is a pleasure for us - new faster Ssd disk and maybe more RAM memory. Does your mac pro require diagnosis and repair? Bring it to us and we will take care of it .
Life without music would be completely monotonous and devoid of pleasure. We will not let that happen! iPods are very common to us, so they are exposed to various dangers. Flood, fall, short-running battery, no charge, no buttons, software problem.
Apple Tv
Apple tv is a great feature apple hardware as a TV, we diagnose and repair the apple tv. Our qualified staff will help you learn how to handle and solve problems with apple tv.
Use our help - you save time and money. Replacing the battery, the screen glass is crumbled ?- we will do all for you.
Power Supplies
MacBook, macsafe2, time capsule, damaged cables - we can fix, we solve every problem.
In our store and on Allegro you buy everything you need - usb cables, stationary and car chargers, lighting, cases, powerbank, car holders, headsets adapters, protective glasses, pendrives, disks and many other accessories - we work for you.
Other devices
We also offer repairs on the market of smartphones, tablets, computer pc.
Software installations, systems, updates and data migration - we will do it for you. Basic training of systems and devices - we will do for you too.
Display Replacement
The most common malfunction in iphone and ipad devices is damage to the display. We repair professionally, replacing all lcd display module with touch panel.
Remove the effects of flooding
The most important is the fast reaction. We professionally remove the effects of floods of computers, phones and tablets, restoring them to their original efficiency and full functionality.
Valuations and expertise
We carry out appraisals and valuations of damaged or damaged apple devices for insurance companies and loss adjusters.
Data recovery
We will always try to recover data from corrupted media or deleted partitions. Restore the file structure after a system crash. We determine the wear rate of the media. We guarantee effectiveness.